Cub Scouts – Barree and Attunga Packs

For young people aged 8 to 11 years.


Cub Scouts belong to a Cub Pack.  They work at fostering friendships, teamwork and self-confidence through exciting indoor and outdoor activities, such as exciting outdoor adventures like rock climbing, cycling, camping, bush-walking, sailing, canoeing, and billy-karting.  Cub Scouts also learn traditional Scouting skills, such as tying knots and using a map and compass.  Cub Scouts is about making friends and learning to do your best at whatever you try and help others to do their best too.


Cub Scouts also provides ample opportunity for children to expand their interests, with an emphasis on individual badge-work. As Cubs reach defined skill levels and complete certain tasks, they are awarded badges. Many badges focus on basic camp-craft skills (such as fire safety, first aid, orienteering) and others on hobby-like activities (such as swimming, pet care, music).

Cubs camp in Packs either in the bush, in designated camp huts or in Scout Halls, and as a Cub Scout can even attend a Cuboree.  More information on Cuborees can be found on Scouts Victoria site here, Cuboree.


We have two Cub Packs at 1st Mount Evelyn.

Barree Pack meet every Tuesday from 6:30pm to 8pm at Mt Evelyn hall during school terms.

Leader:             Gwilym Craig  (Bagheera)

Asst Leader:    Di Bull  (Raksha), Melissa Tewkesbury  (Chil)

Helpers:           Mike Deakin  (Baloo), Bec Craig  (Hathi)


Attunga Pack meet every Wednesday from 7pm to 8:30pm at Mt Evelyn hall during school terms.

Leader:             John Parker  (Akela)

Asst Leader:    Barry Kennedy  (Kaa), Belinda Tospell  (Ferao)

Helpers:           Erin Hocking  (Chil)



          Incorporating Mt. Evelyn and Montrose Scout Halls, Victoria