Joey Scouts – Valinda Mob

For young people aged 6 to 8 years.


When you join Joey Scouts you will become part of a Mob.  The aims of the Joey Scout Mob are to cultivate cooperation and teamwork whilst having fun and making friends.  This could be through playing games, cooking chocolate spiders, making frog puppets, building monsters from recycled garbage or even going for a bush walk. 


The Joey Scout Mob works on a themed term program which will involve weekly programmed nights as well as excursions and even short day hikes.  Joey Scouts have sleepovers in Mobs and can all come together for giant sleepover called Kangaree.  You can read more on Kangarees at the Scouts Victoria site here, Kangaree.

Joey Scouts work on badges aimed at looking at the environment around them.  These badges are worked on as a Mob.

The Motto of Joey Scouts is HOP, Help Other People.


Valinda Mob meet every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm at Mt Evelyn hall during school terms

Leader:             Murray Butcher (Kiwi)
Asst Leader:    Paul Johnston
Helpers:           Rebecca Chalkley (Croc), Peter Blank (Peter Pan), Owen Norman (Blossom)


          Incorporating Mt. Evelyn and Montrose Scout Halls, Victoria