Venturer Scouts

For young adults aged 14 to 18 years.

At this age level youth belong to a Venturer Unit.

The Venturer Unit is youth run and Leaders are there to provide advice and guidance, whilst supporting and encouraging the youth to make their own decisions.

Venturers decide what they want to do, when and how.  This could be a simple as a games night to encourage friendship or as complex as planning a week-long adventure exploring the wilderness.  Activities can range from cake decorating to camping above the snow line, performing in a stage production to spending a week acting as Robin Hood, visiting the local council meeting or even visiting a funeral parlour.

Venturers is a mix of outdoor and indoor activities within a well-designed program which will enhance the development of confidence, independence and teamwork skills within the youth.

The award system within the Venturer section encompasses courses related to leadership and management skills which, together with the activities that foster personal growth make up the ultimate goal sought by many employers today: The Queen's Scout Award.

Apart from attending local and national camps Venturers have the opportunity to an attend international Venture at least once in their Venturer career.  More information on the Australian contingent at the 2019 New Zealand Venture can be found here, Venture 2019.


Venturers meet every Tuesday from 8pm to 10pm at Mt Evelyn hall during school terms.

Leader:             Iain Penman
Asst Leader:    Bob Harris
Helpers:           Wayne Love  (Skip)


          Incorporating Mt. Evelyn and Montrose Scout Halls, Victoria